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bumf, n. (slang) -- Toilet-paper; hence, paper (esp. with contemptuous implication), documents collectively.

Forms: also bumph

Etymology: short for bumfodder

1889 A. Barrère & C. G. Leland (Dict. Slang): “A bumf-hunt is a paper-chase.”

1912 V. Woolf (Letter, 16 Nov): “Is this letter written upon Bumf? It looks like it.”

1930 W. Lewis (Apes of God): “Low-lid fodder or high-brow bumph!”

1938 E. Waugh (Scoop): “I shall get a daily pile of bumf from the Ministry of Mines.”

bumfleteer, n. (slang) -- An aircraft (or its crew or a member thereof) engaged in pamphlet-dropping.


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